Reasoning Quiz – 1

Question 1

1. A clock is so placed that at 12 noon its minute hand points towards northeast. In which direction will its minute hand points at 1.30 pm?

a) East
b) West
c) North
d) South

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 Answer a) East
Question 2

2. If the above clock is turned through an angle of 135 degree in an anticlockwise direction, In which direction will its minute hand point at 8.45 p.m.?
a) East
b) West
c) North
d) South

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Answer d) South 
Question 3

3. Pointing to photograph a lady tells Mohan, ” I am the only daughter of this lady and her son is your maternal uncle.” How is the speaker related to Mohan’s father?
a) Wife
b) sister in law
c) Either of the two
d) Neither of the two

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Answer: a) Wife. 
Question 4

4. A is elder to B while C and D are elder to E who lies between A and C. If C be elder to B, which one of the following statement is necessarily true?
a) E is elder to B
b) A is elder to C
c) C is elder to D
d) D is elder to C

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Answer a) E is elder to B  
Question 5

5. My brother is 3 years senior to me. My father was born while my mother was 26 years of age when i was born. if my sister was 4 years of age when my brother was born, What was the age of my father and mother respectively when my brother was born?
a) 35 years and 33 years
b) 35 years and 29 years
c) 32 years and 23 years
d) 35 years and 29 years

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Answer c) 32 years and 23 years 
Question 6

6. A, B, C, D and E play a game of cards. A says to B, ” If you give me 3 cards, you will have as many as E and if i give you 3 cards, you will have as many as D has.” A and B together have 10 cards more than what D and E together have. If B has 2 cards more than what C has and total no. of cards be 133, how many cards does B have?
a) 35
b) 25
c) 23
d) 22

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Answer b) 25  
Question 7

7. In a caravan in addition to 50 hens there are 45 goats and 8 camels with some keepers. If the total no. of feet be 224 more than the number of heads in the caravan, the number of keepers is
a) 5
b) 8
c) 10
d) 15

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Answer d) 15  
Question 8

8. If A+D> C+E, C+D= 2B and B+E>C+D. it necessarily follows that
a) A+D > B+E
b) A + D> B+C
c) A+B>2D
d) B+D > C+E

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Answer b) A + D> B+C
Question 9

9. If A+B> C+D, B+E=2C and C+D>B+E,it necessarily follows that
a) A> C
b) A+B>2D
c) A+B>2C
d) A+B>2E

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Answer c) A+B>2C  
Question 10

10. In a pile of books there are 3 of History, 3 of Hindi, 2 of Maths and 2 of English. taking from above there is an English book between a History and Maths book, a History book between a maths and English Book, a Hindi book between a maths and history books. Book of which subject is at the 6th position from the top?
a) English
b) Hindi
c) History
d) Maths

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Answer b) Hindi