Reasoning Quiz – 3

Syllogism (1 – 5)
1. Statements
a) All Lotus are Satellites
b) All Satellites are Tonics
I. All Satellites are Lotus
II. All Lotus are Tonics

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Answer – Only Conclusion II Follows.

2. Statements
a) Some Pens are Pencils
b) Some Pencils are Erasers
c) Some Erasers are Cell Phones
d) All Cell phones are Modems
I. Some Pens are Erasers
II. Some Erasers are Modems
III. Some Modems are Pens
IV. Some Modems are Cell Phones

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Answer – Only II and IV Follows

3. Statements
a) All Cars are Bikes
b) Some Bikes are Cycles
c) All Cycles are Tube lights
d) Some Tube lights are TVs
I. Some Bikes are Tube Lights
II. Some Tube Lights are Cycles
III. All TVs are Cycles
IV. Some Bikes are Cars

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Answer I, II, and IV Follows.

4. Statements
a) Some Chairs are Pens
b) Some Pens are Watches
c) All Watches are Mirrors
d) All Purse are Chairs
I. Some Mirrors are Pens
II. All Purse are Mirrors
III. Some Pens are Purse
IV. All Mirrors are Watches

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Answer Only I Follows.

5. Statements
a) All Maruti are Honda
b) No Honda is a Toyota
c) Some Toyota are Benz
d) All Benz are Mercedes
I. Some Mercedes are Maruti
II. Some Mercedes are Toyota
III. No Mercedes in Maruti
IV. Some Toyota are Maruti

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Answer Either I or III and II follow.

Puzzle (6 – 10)

There are five girls. Sindhuja, Soumya, Radhika, Dhivya, and Amrutha. The one who is tallest is not the youngest. Soumya is older than only Amrutha. Radhika is older than Dhivya but shorter than her. Only one Girl is taller than Dhivya. Sindhuja is shortest while younger than only Radhika and Dhivya. Only two girls are shorter than Radhika.

6. Who among the five are Second Tallest?

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Answer – Dhivya

7. Who among the five are Tallest?

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Answer – Soumya

8. Who is older than Radhika?

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Answer – No One

9. Who is Shorter than Amrutha?

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Answer – Sindhuja

10. Who is older than Sindhuja and younger than Radhika?

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Answer – Dhivya

Direction (11 – 13)

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, and X are nine schools. R is 2 KM east of Q. P is 1 KM North of Q and W is 2 KM South of P. V is one KM West of W, while S is 3 KM East of V and U is 2 KM North of V. X is situated just in the middle of Q and R. T is just in the middle of W and S.

11. Distance between T and V is

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Answer – 2 KM

12. Distance between T and X is

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Answer – 1 KM

13. Distance between P and U is

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Answer – 1 KM

Relationship (14 and 15)

A ÷ B means A is the Sister of B.
A X B means is A is the Brother of B
A – B means A is the Mother of B
A + B means A is the Father of B

14. Which of the following means P is the Maternal Uncle of Q?
I. P ÷ S + Q
II. P X S + T
III. P x S – T
IV. P ÷ S – T

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Answer III. P x S – T

15. Which of the following means X is the maternal Uncle of Y?
I. X ÷ Z + Y
II. X + Y + Z
III. X – Y x Z
IV. None of these

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Answer IV. None of these