Reasoning Quiz – 99 (Mixed)

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:-

Five cars P, Q, R, S and T each have a different mileage. P has more mileage than only one car. Both Q and T have more mileage than P but less than S. Q has more mileage than R but less than T. The car which has the highest mileage runs for 22 km/L. The car which has the third lowest mileage runs for 19 km/L.

1. Which amongst the following cars has the highest mileage?
a) S
b) Q
c) Cannot be determined
d) T
e) R

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Answer a) S

2. If the difference between the mileage of R and Q is of 4 km/L, then what is the mileage of R?
a) 23 km/L
b) 21 km/L
c) 18 km/L
d) 15 km/L
e) 12 km/L

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Answer d) 15 km/L Solution: S>T>Q>P>R

3. Which of the given statements will be definitely true if the expression ‘VB=H>=N>=P’ is definitely true?
a) P=N
e) E>=P

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Answer a) P<=B

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:-

G, H, I, J, S, T and U are seated in a straight line facing North, with equal distance between each other but not necessarily in the same order. I sits second to the right of T. U sits third to the right of I. H sits third to the left of S. S does not sit at any of the extreme ends of the line. Only one person sits between S and G.

4. Who amongst the following sits exactly in the middle of the line?
a) G
b) J
c) U
d) I
e) S

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Answer b) J

5. How many persons are seated between I and S?
a) One
b) Two
c) Four
d) None
e) Three

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Answer a) One

6. Which of the following represents persons seated at the two extreme ends of the line?
a) G, U
b) T, G
c) G, J
d) I, J
e) H, I

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Answer b) T, G

7. What is the position of U with respect to G?
a) Second to the right
b) Immediate left
c) Fourth to the left
d) Fifth to the right
e) Third to the left

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Answer b) Immediate left

8. Who amongst the following sits to the immediate left of H?
a) J
b) G
c) I
d) U
e) T

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Answer e) T Solution: T H I J S U G

9. In a certain code language, BLUNT is coded as ‘AKSOU’ and COINS is coded as ‘BNGOT’. In the same code language, how will TRUST be coded as?

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Answer d) SQSTU

10. All the letters of the word HALFTIME arranged in alphabetical order from left to right. Then all the vowels are replaced with the next alphabet(as per English alphabetical order), then which of the following will be the second letter from the left end?
a) H
b) F
c) M
d) L
e) E

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Answer b) F