Ch.1:- Analogy Test : Exercise 5

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31. Dearth: Surplus

(a) Simple: Complicated (b) True: Unbelievable (c) Touch: Repulsion (d) Dream: Fantasy (e) None of these

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31 (a) Words are opposite in meaning to each other.

32. Disobedience: Punishment

(a) Teenager: Dynamic (b) Prayer: Salvation (c) Bravery: Appreciation (d) Patience: Listening (e) None of these

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32 (b) The latter is the result of the former.

33. Publicity : Sale

(a) Convassing : Votes  (b) Wound: Blood (c) Traffic: Accident (d) Money: Wages (e) None of these

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33 (a) ‘Publicity’ is done for ‘Sale’. In the same way, ‘Convassing’ is done to get the ‘Votes’.

34. Comets: Meteors

(a) Books: Knowledge (b) Hawk: Crow (c) Stars: Fortune(d) Reptiles: Crawl  (e) None of these

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34 (b) Both the words belong to the same category.

35. Music: Notes

(a) Dance: Music (b) Mathematics: Numbers (c) Language: Communication (d) Nations: UN (e) None of the above

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35 (b) ‘Music’ contains ‘Notes’ and ‘Mathematics’ contains ‘Numbers’.

36. Colour: Eyes

(a) Vision : Spectacles  (b) Print: Newspaper (c) Medicine: Ailment (d) Fragrance: Nose (e) None of these

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36 (d) ‘Colour’ can be seen with the help of ‘Eyes’ and ‘Fragrance’ can be sensed with the help of ‘Nose.’

37. Launcher: Missiles

(a) Gun: Revolver  (b) Boat: Anchor (c) Catapult: Stone (d) Engine: Train (e) Television: Stabilizer

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37 (c) ‘Missiles’ are ejected through ‘Launcher’. Likewise ‘Stone’ is ejected through ‘Catapult’.

38. Scholarship: Brilliance

(a) Punishment: Indiscipline (b) Race : Prize (c) Salary: Employee (d) Car: Driver (e) College: Student

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38 (a) ‘Scholarship’ is the result of ‘Brilliance’. Similarly, ‘Punishment’ is the result of ‘Indiscipline’.

39. College: Student

(a) Man: Home  (b) Greece: Rome (c) State: Country (d) Jail: Criminal (e) Salary: Employee

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39 (d) ‘College’ is the place for ‘Students’ and ‘Jail’ is the place for ‘Criminal’.

40. Ring: Engagement

(a) Handshake: Treaty (b) Kick: Beat (c) Anger: Insult (d) Bangle: Wrist (e) Prize: School

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40 (a) Ring’ is the symbol of ‘Engagement’ and ‘Handshake’ is the symbol of ‘Treaty’.

41. Hair: Shampoo
(a) Face: Powder  (b) Button: Shirt (c) Detergent: Soap (d) Teeth: Toothpaste (e) Cloth: Tailor

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(d) Shampoo’ is used to wash ‘Hair’. Similarly, ‘Toothpaste’ is used to brush ‘Teeth’.

42. Suggestion: Order
(a) Advise: Suggest (c) Plan: Implement  (e) Office: Executive  (b) Smile: Laugh  (d) Anger: Shout

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(b) Instead of ‘Order’ a ‘Suggestion’ can be made to get the work done. It means ‘Suggestion’ is the light form of ‘Order’. In the same way, ‘Smile’ is the light form of ‘Laugh’.

43. Interview: Service
(a) Travel: Bus  (b) Examination: Degree (c) Ticket: Travel (d) Light: Darkness (e) Tution : Fee

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(b)’Interview’ is conducted to provide ‘Service’ and ‘Examination’ is conducted to provide ‘Degree’.

44. Grief: Tears
(a) Tension: Blood Pressure  (b) Laugh: Teeth  (c) Pain: Aspirin  (d) Injury: First Aid  (e) Plan: Execute

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(a) Presence of the former gives rise to the presence of latter.

45. Minute: Hour
(a) Drop: Ocean  (b) People: Crowd  (c) Cup: Tea set (d) Paisa: Rupee  (e) School: Students

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(c) Former is one of the subsets of the latter.

46. Love: Hatred
(a) Education: Illiteracy (b) Father: Son (c) Anger: Violence (d) Lazy: Idle (e) Rupee: Money

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(a)Love’ dispels ‘Hatred’. Likewise ‘Education’ dispels
‘Illiteracy’ .

47. Round: Earth
(a) Thin: Paper (b) Height: Mountain (c) Transparent: Glass  (d) Cube: Dice (e) Square: Maths

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(d)Shape of ‘Earth is “Round’. Likewise shape of ‘Dice’ is ‘Cube’.

48. Medicine: Pills
(a) Spices: Food (b) Knowledge: Books (c) Watch: Time (d) Radio: Sound (e) Books: Library

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(b)Medicine’ is given in the form of ‘Pills’ and ‘Knowledge’ is given in the form of ‘Books’.

49. Numbers: Mathematics
(a) Grammer: Language (b) Plants: Zoology  (c) Notes: Music (d) Herbs: Medicines (e) Hotel: Restaurant

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(c)Mathematics’ contains ‘Numbers’ and ‘Music’ contains ‘Notes’.

50. Tagore : Geetanjali
(a) Madam Curie: Radium  (b) Shakespeare: Skylark  (c) Dickens: Oliver Twist  (d) Nobel: Dynamite (e) Book: Page

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(c) Geetanjali’ is written by ‘Tagore’ and ‘Oliver Twist’ is written by ‘Dicken’.