Ch.3 :- Coding Decoding : Exercise 1

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~ Directions for Q. No. 1 to 19 : In each of the following questions below, find out the correct answer from the given alternatives.

1. In a certain code, INSTITUTION is written as NOITUTITSNI. How is PERFECTION written in that code?


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1 (d) Letters of the word INSTITUTION have been just reversed in the coded word. Therefore, PERFECTION will be coded as NOITCEFREP. Hence, option (d) is the correct answer.

2. In a certain code, GIGANTIC is written as GIGTANCI. How is MIRACLESwritten in that code?


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2 (b) First three letters of the word are kept as they are sixth letter comes at fourth place shifting fourth and fifth letters to fifth and sixth places, respectively and the last two letters are exchanged.

3. In a certain code, GOODNESS is coded as HNPCODTR. How is GREATNESS coded in that code?


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3 (b) Letters at odd places in the coded word are one letter ahead of the letters in the basic word, and letters at even places are one letter behind of the letters in the basic word as their positions in the alphabet.

4. In a certain code, EXPLAINING is written as PXEALNIGNI.How is PRODUCEDwritten in that code?

(a) ORPBUDEC (b) ROPUDECD (c) ORPUDECD (d) DORPDECU (e) None of these

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4 (e) In the coded word, first three letters are reversed, then next two letters are reversed, then again two letters are reversed, and finally three letters are reversed. Hence, PRODUCEDwill be coded as ORPUDDEC.

5. In a certain code, RIPPLE is written as 613382 and LIFE is written as 8192. How is PILLERwritten in that code?

(a) 318826 (b) 318286 (c) 618826 (d) 328816 (e) None of these

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5 (a) From the coding pattern, it is clear that code for P is 3, for I is 1, for L is 8, for E is 2, and for R it is 6. So word PILLERwill be coded as 318826

6. If ROSE is coded as 6821, CHAIR is coded as 73456 and PREACH is coded as 961473, what will be the code for  SEARCH?

(a) 246173  (b) 214673  (c) 214763  (d) 216473  (e) None of these

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6 (b) From the coding pattern, it is clear that codes for S, E, A, R, C and Hare 2, 1, 4, 6, 7 and 3, respectively as letters of the word are directly substituted.

7. In a certain code, PRODUCTS is written as NPMBSARQ. How is COMPREHENSION written in that code?


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7 (b) Each letter of the word has been written two letters back in the coded word, as their positions in the alphabet.

8. In a certain code, BOY is written as $*. and HOUR is written @*£O. How is RUBYwritten in that code?

(a) 0 £ $ • (b) 0 $ £ • (c) • $ £ 0 (d) • £ $0 (e) None of these

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8 (a) It is clear from the coding pattern that codes for R, U, B and Yare 0, £, $ and. , respectively.

9. In a certain code language, QUEUE is written as Q 22, and CHURCH is written as 1UR1. Which of the following would be most a?propriate code for BANANA in that language?

(a) B5A5  (b)5N5A  (c) B55A (d)BA5A5A (e) B5A5A

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9 (c) Similar pairs of letters have been given -the same numeric in each word. As a result pair UE in word QUEUE has been coded 2, pair CH has been coded 1 and likewise the pair AN has been coded 5. Hence, theword BANANAwould be coded as B55A.

10. In a certain code, BOXER is written as AQWGQ. How VISIT is written in that code?

(a) UKRKU (b) UKRKS (c) WKRKU (d) WKRKS (e) None of these

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10 (b) Letters at the odd places have been written one letter back, and letters at the even places have been written two letters ahead in the coded word as their positions in the alphabet.

11. If PAINTER is written in a code language as NCGPRGP, then REASONwould be written as :

(a) PCYQMN (b) PGYQMN (c) PGYUMP (d) PGYUPM (e) None of these

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11 (C) Letters at odd places have been written two letters back, and letters at even places have been written two steps ahead in the coded word, as their positions in the alphabet. Hence, word REASON will be coded as PGYUMP.

l2. In a certain code SOCIAL is written as TQFMFR, then  how you will code DIMPLE?

(a) EKPTQK (b) EKPQPJ (c) EKPSPJ (d) EKPSOH (e) None of these

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12 (a) Letters for the basic word have been moved in forward direction in the coded word with a gap of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 letters as their positions in the alphabet. Therefore, the word DIMPLEwill be coded as E K P T Q K.

13. If CARPET is coded as TCEAPR, then the code for NATIONALwould be

(a) NLATNOIA  (b) LANOITAN (c) LNAANTOI (d)LNOINTAA (e) None of these

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13 (c) Letters of the basic word are written in the coded word in such a way that last and first letters, second last and second letters, third last and third letters and so on are written together in the coded word.

14. If PORTER is written as QNSSFQ, then BRIGHT would be coded as


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14 (a) Letters at the odd places in the coded word are one letter ahead of the respective letters of the basic word, and letters at the even places in the coded word are one letter back of die respective letters as their positions in the alphabet.

15. If FESTIVALis coded as MBWJUTFG, then OPIUM would be coded as


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15 (C) The word has been coded in such a way that last letter in the coded word is the next letter of the first letter of the basic word, second letter is next that of the second letter of the basic word and so on. Hence, OPIUM will be coded as NVJQP.

16. If LINGER 123456 and FORCE is 56789, then FIERCE is

(a) 345667 (b) 456678 (c) 345677 (d) 556789

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16 (b) Letters R,E are common to LINGER and FORCE, and numbers 6 and 5 are common to their respective coding. Therefore, 5 and 6 will stand for RE but not respectively. Now, since word FIERCE has double E, therefore, either of 5 and 6 will appear twice in its
coding. Besides, coding of FIERCE will have two numbers from coding of FORCE for letters F and C, and
one number from coding of LINGER for letter 1. Hence, coding of FIERCEwill be 456678.



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17 (d) Using the above coding procedure as in the previous question, we find that the codes for letters R and I will be Band L, and thus coding for SHIRT will be BLASH

18. If PICTURE is coded as tuvwxyz, then PATCH would be coded as

(a) wtzyv (b) twxyz (c) tqwvm (d) rntuvw

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18 (c) Codes for P, T and C will be r, wand v respectively (direct coding), and codes for A and H will be letters other than which have appeared in coding of PICTURE. Hence, PATCHwill be coded as tqwvm.

19. In a code language if POSE is coded as OQNPRTDF, then the word 1YPE will be coded as


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19 (c) The word has been coded in such a way that codes for letter Pare OQ (One letter behind and one letter ahead of P in alphabet). Similarly, codes for 0 are NP and so on.