Ch.3 :- Coding Decoding : Exercise 2

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~ Directions for Q. No. 20 to 24 : The word ‘FEATURE’ has been coded in five different ways. Same codes have been usedfor the word ‘STRAIGHT’but not in the same order. Match the identical parts.

         FEATURE          STRAIGHT
Question 20.   GFBUVSF (a)    1VUENMOB
Question 21.  EFZUTSD (b)    THGIARTS
Question 22. EFTARUE (c) TUSBJHIU
Question 23. GGDXZXL (d) TSARGITH
Question 24. ERUTAEF (e) RUQBHHGU

Answers and Solution of Q20 – Q24:

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20 (C) Each letter of the word has been coded one letter ahead as their position in the alphabet at the respective place. In the same way, STRAIGHT will be coded as TUSBJHIU.

21 (e) Letters at the odd places are one letter behind, and letters at the even places are one letter ahead as their
position in the alphabet at the respective places. Hence, STRAIGHTwill be coded as RUQBHHGu.

22 (d) Letters at first and second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth and so on places are exchanged with each other.
Hence, word STRAIGHTwill be coded as TSARGITH.

23 (a) Letters for the basic word have been moved in forward direction in the coded word with a gap of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
and 5 letters as their position in the alphabet. Therefore, the word STRAIGHT will be coded as lVUENMOB.

24 (b) Letters have been reversed. Hence, STRAIGHT will be coded as THGIARTS.


~ Directions for Q. No. 25 to 32 : In the following questions some capital alphabets are written in a row, below them their coding have been given. Now in questions a particular word has been coded in a particular manner using codes as given below the capital letters. Y9u have to understand the pattern of coding and have to answer the question asked subsequently.

u a 2 v b w 3
t 4 x s y 5
z 6 c d 8 7 e
r h 9 i p q

25. If DASH is 2 a 8 4, then SMASH is

(a) 75 U 7 t (b) e y a 8 4 (c) 8 z q e 3 (d) 8 z q e 4

26. If BAFFLEis aat4cx, then DANGERis

(a) vacx49 (b) vacxh9 (c) vacxhi (d) vacxhr

27. If FASHION is z64t7uw, then POSITION is

(a) z64e476c (b) z64e47c6 (c) c674e46z (d) c674e4z6

28. If MAIDENis uSv4zb, then DANGERis

(a) vuz3b8 (b) 8b3zuv (c) uv3z8b (d) uv3zb8

29. If DEER is vw8 and TOSS is to e6e, then DOTI is

(a) v6r (b) bce (c) bcr (d) vr6

30. If MAIDENis yux2b6, then FIBRES is

(a) b428w8 (b) b4288w (c) h~2dbe (d) b42bde

31. If MAYis yzqaiq, then TIE is

(a) 7rtxwv (b) 7rtxvw (c) 7rtxbw (d) 7rtxwb

32. If LONDON is Sc62zS, then EUROPE is

(a) wh7cdw (b) wh7z6v (c) br76cb (d) wh76cb

Answers and Solution of Q25 – Q32:

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25 (C) Letters at the odd places have been moved one place back, and letters at the even places have been moved
one place ahead regarding the position of codes given in the table.

26 (a) Codes for the letters have been moved in forward direction with a gap of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 positions,
regarding position of their codes in the given table.

27 (a) Codes for the respective letters as per table have been reversed in the coding.

28 (c) In the word MAIDEN codes for MA, ID and EN have been exchanged.

29 (a) In both the words DEER and TOSS, codes for each of the letters have been used from just below the letter in
the table except for the letter that has been written twice, i.e., E and S. For these letters, codes have been used just one position ahead in the table that too only once. Therefore, codes for D, 0 and T will be v, 6, and r, respectively.

30 (c) For the second and fifth letters, codes have been used from just below the letters, for the first and fourth
letters, codes have been used from one position back, and for third and sixth letters, codes have been used one position ahead as their position in the table.

31 (b) For each of the letters of the word MAY,adjacent codes  have been used.

32 (b) First three letters have been coded one position in forward direction, and last three letters have been coded one position in the backward direction.

~ Directions for Q. No. 33 to 42 : In each of the following questions, a word has been coded and its code is written against it to the left of the sign ball. The word to the right of it has been coded on the same principle and the code is given as one of the four alternatives under it. To find the answer you have to consult the matching of the small letters against the capital letters as given below and arrive at the principle involved in the coding. The coding in each question has not necessarily been done on the same pattern. Find the correct alternative in each case and mark your answer on the answer sheet.

n l d j x k y i
b f a t z w v q
r o m c p h s g u e

33. HEART: bklmp :: NERVOUS: ?

(a) wlntrid (b) yiqovbn (c) wxohvpm (d) vkrnsqhc

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33 (d) Each letter has been coded one position in forward direction.

34. SERMON: rnjrnzwv:: FATHER: ?

(a) ylpbkm (b) xernyjr (c) kepijrn (d) kncixo

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34 (c) First and fourth letters have been coded directly, second and fifth one position in the backward direction, and third and sixth one position in the forward direction.

35. SOCIAL: vrnbdtn:: OPERATOR:?

(a) wvjrernwr (b) qrkmlbqrn (c) vqxoncvo (d) qvoxcnov

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35 (d) Codes for first and second, third and fourth, and fifth and sixth letters have been exchanged.

36. QUICK: soccb:: BREED:?

(a) kpwyi (b) mnywk (c) loxxj (d) rnpyyk

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36 (b) As per the table, code for Q is r, but in coded word it is next letter of the alphabet. Similarly, code for U is P, but in the coded word it is one letter back of the alphabet and the same method is applied for rest of the letters.

37. CEMENT :jkwjzrn:: MATURE:?

(a) wlpcrj (b) wlphmk (c) terncrj (d) zncpox

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37 (a) First three letters of the word CEMENT have been coded one position ahead and last three letters one position back in the coding order in relation to their positions in the table.

38. CLAIM: dtnbz :: BORDER: ?

(a) lovxjv (b) ljovxo (c) lvojxo (d) vljoxj

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38 (C) Letters of the word CLAIM have been coded directly from the coding pattern as per the table.

39. MASTER: wlcpkm:: SELDOM: ?

(a) ckzxqw (b) rnxtjvz (c) ckzxwq (d) nyvkwa

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39 (a) Each letter of the word MASTER has been coded one position ahead in the coding order as per the table.

40. NERVOUS: xypiwqn :: AGHAST: ?

(a) nyinmc (b)zkyzorn (c) liblcp (d) ozjond

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40(d) The code for N is w in the table, but it is x in the coded word, likewise code for E is x, but it is Y in the coded word and so on. Therefore, the coded letter for each letter of the word NERVOUS is next alphabet of the respective code letter as per the table.

41. SILENT: laswvb :: COMB: ?

(a) ewam (b) cuyk (c) dvzl (d) lwtn

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4a b) Here the coded letter for each letter of the word SILENT is immediately last alphabet of the respective coded letter as per table.

42. RETURN: okchov:: EQUATION:?

(a) xoplcfvv (b) krhnpbqw (c) xrpncbvw (d) kohlpfqv

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42 a) Letters at the odd places have been coded directly from the table, and letters at the even places have been coded one position ahead in the table.