Ch-29 : Punchlines : Introduction & Formula

Ex. 1. A visitor asked the guide during an exhibition “Why did Sol. : they have these pictures?”

The guide replied: “…………………… ”

I. They couldn’t find the artists.

II. I don’t know; I have nothing to do with their business.

Sol.: Clearly, the first statement is funny because the guide’s statement means if they find the artists, they might have placed them in place of paintings. However, statement II is not funny. It does not contain any humour in it. Hence, Statement I is punchline.

Ex. 2. Seeing a boy in the class crying, the teacher asked, “Why are you crying?”

The boy replied. “……………………. ”

I. I cry whenever I do not laugh.

II. I have nothing else to do

Sol.: In this case both the answers given by the boy are funny. As given in Statement I, the boy has only two works either to laugh or to cry which in itself is humorous and as in given Statement II, if the boy does not have any work, he cries. Hence, both the statements are punchlines.

Ex. 3. A : “That article was so boring, it sent us to sleep.”

          B : “What did it discuss?”

           I. Insomnia

           II. Drug abuse and its psychosomatic after-effects.

Sol.: Insomnia is a disease caused by lack of sleep. The Statement I contains humor and makes one laugh. Statement II is an ordinary statement and does not qualify for punchline. Hence, Statement I qualifies for punchline.