Ch-28 : Verification of Truth of Statements : Introduction & Formula

Ex. 1. Dangerleads to …….,

(a) Enemy     (b) Attack     (c) Fear     (d) Help

Sol.: On the basis of the four options given above, it looks as if all the four can be filled in the place of the blank space. But we have to select one that is most appropriate and indispensable. We have experienced in our life that danger always leads fear. All other options are remote but fear is the most certain to occur. Hence, the correct answer is (c).

Ex. 2. A bulb always has ……,

(a) Filament      (b) Light      (c) Glass      (d) Current

Sol.: From the options given below the question, we see that a bulb has all the four components. But, again the most important component is filament. Rest of other options are remote. Hence, option (a) is the correct answer.